With the summer well on its way, Zachary Lucky is currently getting ready to embark on his fall tour dates, which will have him and his band performing in the US, The UK and all across Canada from September to December.  Listening for more tour dates to be announced this August! 


I'm excited to be playing two shows at the end of this week, in Edmonton and Saskatoon with Harlan Pepper, all the way from Ontario.  Check the tour page for more details! 

Also excited to announce that Zachary Lucky has been added to the lineup for this years MOSO FEST! If you live in Saskatchewan and haven't been to Moso Fest, you should make it on up to Saskatoon for it this year, its a Riot.  

While touring in europe I got to write a handful of thoughts, and string a few words together and have posted them in form of a blog post, you can read about my Finnish adventures over here!