Previous Performances 


February 18th - Yorkton, SK (Fifth Avenue Cup and Saucer)
February 19th - Winnipeg, MB (Ragpickers)
February 20th - Thunder Bay, ON (The Apollo)
February 21st - Thessalon, ON (The Auld Kirk Art Center)
February 23rd - Ottawa, ON (The Tree House)
February 24th - Quebec City, QC (Tam - Tam Cafe)
February 25th - Montreal, QC (Shaika Cafe) 
February 26th - Hamilton, ON (The Staircase)
February 27th - Waterloo, ON (The Branches)
February 28th - Utopia, ON (Utopia Community Hall)
March 1st - Kitchener, ON (House Concert)
March 2nd - Toronto, ON (The Drake Hotel)
March 3rd - Guelph, ON (The Red Brick Cafe)
March 4th - London, ON (House Concert)
March 5th - Sarnia, ON (Empty Spaces - Trinity Lounge)
March 6th - Bayfield, ON (Black Dog Bistro and Pub)
March 8th - Las Vegas, NV (The Wynn Hotel) 
March 9th - Thunder Bay, ON (House Show)
March 10th - Winnipeg, MB (House show)
March 11th - Regina, SK (The Club)
March 12th - Bruno, SK (All Citizens)
March 13th - Saskatoon, SK (Caffe Sola)
April 2nd - Winnipeg, MB (The Ellice Theater)
April 3rd - Saskatoon, SK (Christ Church Anglican)
April 5th - Yorkton, SK (5th Avenue Cup and Saucer)
April 6th - Regina, SK (The Club)
April 7th - Turner Valley, AB (Diamond willow artist retreat)
April 8th - Calgary, AB (The Marquee Room)
April 9th - Edmonton, AB (The Haven Social Club)
April 10th - Kelowna, BC (Streaming Cafe)
April 11th - Vancouver, BC (Raw Canvas)
May 19th - Saskatoon, SK (Amigos)
May 21st - Calgary, AB (The Marquee) 
May 23rd - Edmonton, AB (The Artery)
May 25th - Canmore, AB (The Drake Hotel)
May 26th - Kelowna, BC (The Minstrel Cafe)
May 27th - Kamloops, BC (The Art We Are)
June 3rd - Bend, OR (Backporch Coffee)
June 5th - Newberg, OR (Coffee Cottage)
June 7th - Vancouver (House Show) 
June 8th - Port Alberni, BC (The Academy) 
June 9th - Tofino, BC (Darwins) 
June 10th - Victoria, BC (The Fort Cafe)
June 11th - Vancouver, BC (Cafe Deux Soliels) 
June 12th - Kelowna, BC (The Streaming Cafe)
June 14th - Lethbridge, AB (House Show)
June 15th - Moose Jaw, SK (23 Main Street Java Express)
June 16th - Grandview, MB (House Concert)
June 17th - Dauphin, MB (The Old Fire Hall)
June 18th - Yorkton, SK (Fifth Avenue Cup and Saucer)
June 19th - Saskatoon, SK (Free Flow Dance Studio)
August 5th - Saskatoon, SK (Caffe Sola)
August 6th - Yorkton, SK (Fifth Avenue Cup and Saucer) 
August 7th - Canmore, AB (The Communitea)
August 8th -  Penticton, BC (House Concert)
August 9th - Kamloops, BC (The Art We Are)
August 11th - Vancouver, BC (Little Mountain Studios)
August 12th - Duncan, BC (The Duncan Garage showroom) 
August 13th - Tofino, BC (The Botanical Gardens) 
August 14th - Victoria, BC (The Fort Street) 
August 16th - Prince George, BC (House Show) 
August 17th - Kelowna, BC (House Concert)
August 19th - Calgary, AB (The House Of Commons) 
August 20th - Edmonton, AB (The Haven Social Club)
August 21st - Lethbridge, AB (House Show)
August 22nd - Regina, SK (The Club)
August 23rd - Grandview, MB (House Concert) 
August 24th - Thunder bay, ON (House Concert) 
August 25th - Wawa, ON (Rock Island Lodge)
August 26th - Sault Ste. Marie (Lop Lops)
August 27th - Ottawa, ON (Raw Sugar) 
August 28th - Peterborough, ON (Peterborough Folk Festival)
August 29th - Quebec City, QC (l'Ostradamus)
September 1st - Tatamagouche, NS (Fables Cafe) 
September 2nd - Halifax, NS (The Company House)
September 3rd - Petite River, NS (Petite Riviere Vinyard) 
September 4th - Port Williams, NS (Sutton Oak Farms) 
September 5th - Sydney mines, NS (House Concert) 
September 7th - Truro, NS (Fair Trade Country Cafe)
September 8th - Sackville, NB (House Concert)
September 9th - Riviere-du-loup, QC (L'innocent Cafe)
September 10th - Montreal, QC (Burritoville)
September 11th - Hamilton, ON (The Staircase Theater) 
September 12th - Utopia, ON (Utopia Community Hall) 
September 13th - Peterborough, ON (The Spill) 
September 14th - Waterloo, ON (The Branches) 
September 16th - Toronto, ON (Gallery 345)
September 18th - Bayfield, ON (Black Dog Village Pub) 
September 19th - London, ON (House Concert)
September 20th - Thessalon, ON (Auld Kirk Art Center) 
September 22nd - Thunder Bay, ON (The Apollo) 
September 23rd - Winnipeg, MB (Ragpickers Theater)
September 24th - Moose Jaw, SK (Java Express) 
September 25th - Saskatoon, SK (The Mendel Art Gallery)
September 26th - Bruno, SK (All Citizens)
October 20th - Saskatoon, SK (Caffe Sola)
October 21st - Steinbach, MB (The Legion) 
October 22nd - Altona, MB (The Station)
October 23rd - Gimli, MB (Kafe Haus)
October 24th - Winnipeg, MB (House Concert) 
November 5th - Birch Hills, SK (New Grounds Cafe)
November 6th - Yorkton, SK (The Godfrey Dean Art Gallery) 
November 7th - Regina, SK (The Club)
November 10th - Edmonton, AB (Wunderbar)
November 11th - Calgary, AB (House Show)
November 13th - Kelowna, BC (The Streaming Cafe)
November 14th - Abbotsford, BC (Columbia Bible College) 
November 16th - Port Alberni, BC (The Academy) 
November 17th - Naniamo, BC (Buzz Coffee House)
November 18th - Duncan, BC (The Duncan Garage Showroom)
November 19th - Victoria, BC (House Concert)
November 20th - Vancouver, BC (Waves on Howe) 
November 21st - Mission, BC (House Concert)
November 23rd -  Banff, AB (WIld Flour Bakery) 
November 24th - Medicine Hat, AB (House Concert)
November 25th - Lethbridge, AB (Acoustic Owl) 
November 26th - Swift Current, SK (Art Gallery)
November 27th - Moose Jaw, SK (Java Express)


January 3rd - Saskatoon, SK (Caffe Sola Backroom)
January 4th - Regina, SK (The Club)
January 5th - Yorkton, SK (The 5th Avenue)
January 6th - Steinbach, MB (Direction center)
January 7th - Thunder Bay, ON (The Apollo)
January 12th - Hamilton, ON (The Casbah Lounge)
January 13th - Waterloo, ON (Maxwell's Music House)
January 14th - Windsor, ON (The Phog Lounge)
January 15th - Sarnia, ON (The Story)
January 16th - London, ON (House Concert)
January 17th -  London, ON (House Concert)
January 18th - Oakville, ON (House Concert)
January 19th - Peterborough, ON (The Cannery)
January 20th - Toronto, ON (The Tranzac)
January 21st - Montreal, QC (Zoo Bizaar)
January 23rd - Fredericton, NB (House Concert)
January 24th - Woodstock, NB (House Concert) 
January 26th - Halifax, NS (In the dead of winter festival) 
February 3rd - Charlottetown, PEI (Baba's)
February 4th - Sackville, NB (Strutts Gallery)
February 5th - Woodstock, NB (House Concert)
February 18th - Montreal, QC (House Concert) 
February 19th - Ottawa, ON (St. Augustine College) 
March 9th - Toronto, ON (Canada Music Festival)
March 10th - Toronto, ON (Canada Music Festival)
March 11th - Toronto, ON (Canada Music Festival) 
March 13th - Marathon, ON (The Marathon Curling Club) 
March 14th - Thunder Bay, ON (House Concert) 
March 15th - Winnipeg, MB (Music Trader)
March 31st - Saskatoon, SK (Vivefest)
April 1st - Regina, SK (The Exchange)
April 2nd - Bruno, SK (All Citizens)
April 19th - Edmonton, AB (Wunderbar)
April 20th - Prince George, BC (Nancy O's)
April 21st - Kelowna, BC (House Concert)
April 22nd - Mission, BC (Hope House Concert)
April 23rd - Vancouver, BC (Cafe Deux Soleils)
April 24th - Port Alberni, BC (The Academy)
April 25th - Tofino, BC (Botanical Gardens) 
April 28th - Victoria, BC (The Fort Street Cafe)
April 30th - Ymir, BC (The School house)
May 2nd - Silverton, BC (The Cup and Saucer Cafe)
May 4th - Calgary, AB (The House Of Commons)
May 5th -  Medicine Hat, AB (Da Barrs)
May 6th - Regina, SK (The Club)
May 7th - Birch Hills, SK (New Grounds Cafe)
May 8th - Saskatoon, SK (Cafe Sola)
May 25th - Saskatoon, SK (Jale)
May 27th - Gimli, MB (Viking Hotel) 
May 28th - Winnipeg, MB (The Ellice Theater ) 
May 29th - Thunder Bay, ON (The Apollo) 
May 30th - Thunder Bay, ON (House Concert) 
June 2nd - Ottawa, ON (Elmdale Tavern) 
June 3rd - Montreal, QC (Burritoville)
June 4th - North Bay, ON (Opera Bakery) 
June 5th - Utopia, ON (Community Hall) 
June 6th - Kingston, ON (The Artel) 
June 7th - Peterborough, ON (The Ossia) 
June 8th - London, ON (EVAC) 
June 9th - Sarnia, ON (Paddy Flaherty's) 
June 10th -  Thornbury, ON (Bruce Street House Concert)
June 11th - Bayfield, ON (The Black Dog Village Pub) 
June 12th - Hamilton, ON (House Concert)
June 13th - Orangeville, ON (Aardvark Music and Culture) 
June 15th -Welland, ON (The Rex) 
June 16th - Toronto, ON (NXNE)
June 17th - Toronto, ON (NXNE)
June 18th - Manitoulin Island, ON (House Concert) 
June 19th - Thessalon, ON (The Auld Kirk)
June 22nd - Yorkton, SK (The Fifth Avenue Cup and Saucer) 
June 23rd - Moose Jaw, SK (Java Express) 
June 24th - Regina, SK (O'Hanlons)
July 1st - Saskatoon, SK (Canada Day Celebrations) 
July 2nd - Waskesiu, SK (Evrgreen) 
July 15th - Ness Creek, SK (Ness Creek Music Festival)
July 16th - Ness Creek, SK (Ness Creek Music Festival)
July 17th - Ness Creek, SK (Ness Creek Music Festival)
July 22nd - Bengough, SK (Gateway Music Festival) 
July 23rd - Bengough, SK (Gateway Music Festival) 
July 24th - Bengough, SK (Gateway Music Festival)
July 30th - Gimli, MB (Islendingadagurinn)
July 31st - Gimli, MB (Islendingadagurinn)
August 5th - Regina, SK (Regina Folk Festival) 
August 6th - Regina, SK (Regina Folk Festival)
August 7th - Regina SK (Regina Folk Festival)
August 9th - Thunder Bay, ON (The Apollo) 
August 10th - Wawa, ON (Rock Island Lodge) 
August 13th - Woodstock, NB (Dooryard Festival)
August 26th - Grand Manan, NB (Summers End Folk Festival)
August 27th - Grand Manan, NB (Summers End Folk Festival)
September 2nd - Chester Grant, NS (Little Straw House Concerts) 
September 3rd - Halifax, NS (HUFF 2011) 
September 6th - St. Johns, NFLD (The Grapevine)
September 7th - St. Johns, NFLD (Headquarters)
September 8th - St. Johns, NFLD (The Bull and Barrel) 
September 9th - St. John's NFLD (Fat Cat) 
September 12th - Charlottetown, PEI (Baba's) 
September 13th - Woodstock, NB (House Concert) 
September 14th - Montreal, QC (House Concert) 
September 15th - Orangeville, ON (Aardvark Music and Culture)
September 16th - Windsor, ON (The Phog Lounge) 
September 17th - Hamilton, ON (The Pearl Company) 
September 18th - Thornbury, ON (Bruce Street House Concert)
September 19th - Peterborough, ON (The Spill)
September 20th - Welland, ON (House Concert)
September 21st - Toronto, ON (House Concert)
September 26th - St Joseph Island, ON (House Concert)
September 27th - Thunder Bay, ON (The Apollo)
September 29th - Grandview, MB (Grandview Community Center)
September 30th - Wroxton, SK (School House)
October 1st - Saskatoon, SK (Christ Church Anglican)
October 7th - Bruno, SK (The Arts Bank)
October 8th - Edmonton, AB (The Haven Social Club)
November 3th - Medicine Hat, AB (House Concert) 
November 4th - Lethbridge, AB (Acoustic Owl)
November 5th - Regina, SK (Creative City Centre) 


January 6th - Red Deer, AB (The Hide Out) 
January 7th - Calgary, AB (The House of Commons) 
January 8th - Golden, BC (The Crooked Antler) 
January 20th - Saskatoon, SK (Amigos) 
February 4th - Winnipeg, MB (House Concert) 
February 5th - Falcon Lake, MB (Falcon Ridge) 
February 19th - Saskatoon, SK (Lydia's - Ness Creek) 
March 2nd - Saskatoon, SK (Christ Church Anglican)
March 8th - Regina, SK (Creative City Center)
March 9th - Winnipeg, MB (Lo Pub)
March 10th - Kenora, ON (The Cornerstone)
March 11th - Thunder Bay, ON (The Apollo)
March 12th - Sault Ste Marie, ON (The Speak Easy) 
March 13th - Peterborough, ON (The Spill)
March 14th - Windsor, ON (The Phog Lounge)
March 15th - Sarnia, ON (Paddy Flaherty's)
March 16th - London, ON (The Blackshire Pub)
March 17th - Guelph, ON (The Cornerstone) 
March 18th - Waterloo, ON (The Princess Cafe)
March 19th - Oakville, ON (House Concert)
March 20th - Hamilton, ON (House Concert)
March 22nd - Toronto, ON (CMW - The Central)
March 23rd - Toronto, ON (CMW - Gladstone Hotel)
March 28th - Montreal, QC (Le Cagibi)
March 30th - Woodstock, NB (Fusion Cafe)
March 31st - Fredericton, NB (House Concert)
April 1st - Charlottetown, PEI (Baba's) 
April 2nd - Moncton, NB (Plan B Lounge) 
April 3rd - Cornerbrook, NL (White Horse) 
April 4th - St John's, NL (Distortion) 
April 5th - St John's, NL (House Concert) - 
April 6th - Cornerbrook, NL (Brewed on Bernard) 
April 7th - Stephanville, NL (Clancy's) 
April 8th - Sydney, NS (The Governer's Pub) 
April 10th - Liverpool, NS (Lanes Privateer Inn)
April 11th - Halifax, NS (The Company House) 
April 12th - Sackville, NB (Pickles) 
April 13th - St Andrews, NB (The Red Herring Pub) 
April 14th - Grand Manan, NB (Covert Hall) 
April 19th - Ottawa, ON (The Elmdale Tavern) 
April 20th - Gatineau, QC (House Concert) 
April 21st - North Bay, ON (Opera Bakery) 
April 24th - Thunder Bay, ON (House concert)
April 26th - Brandon, MB (Lady of the Lake) 
April 27th - Estevan, SK (Estevan Art Gallery) 
April 28th - Yorkton, SK (Fifth Avenue Cup and Saucer) 
May 3rd - Edmonton, AB (Wunderbar) 
May 4th - Prince George, AB (Nancy O's) 
May 5th - Kelowna, BC (The Steaming Cafe) 
May 6th - Vancouver, BC (For the sake of the song Sundays) 
May 9th - Tofino, BC (Humanity) 
May 10th - Comox, BC (Joe's Garage) 
May 11th - Victoria, BC (House Concert B) 
May 12th - Mission, BC (Paul Hope's Place) 
May 13th - Winlaw, BC (Cedar Creek Cafe) 
May 15th - Kaslo, BC (Kaslo Hotel)
May 16th - Twin Butte, AB (The General Store)
May 17th - Nanton, AB (The Auditorium Hotel) 
May 19th - High River, AB (Gitters Pub)
May 21st - Calgary, AB (The Iron Wood)
May 23rd - Lethbridge, AB (The Slice)
May 25th -  Forget, SK (The Happy Nun)
May 26th - Prince Albert, SK (Fish and Game league)
June 14th - Edmonton, AB (The Elevation Room) 
June 15th - Saskatoon, SK (The Refinery)
June 16th - Regina, SK (The Artful Dodger)
June 17th - Winnipeg, MB (West End Cultural Center) 
June 18th - Yorkton, SK (The Fifth Avenue Cup and Saucer)
June 29th - Edmonton, AB (Works Art and Design Festival) 
July 19th - Big River, SK (Ness Creek Music Festival) 
July 20th - Big River, SK (Ness Creek Music Festival) 
July 21st - Big River, SK (Ness Creek Music Festival) 
July 22nd - Big River, SK (Ness Creek Music Festival) 
July 27th - Wadena, SK (Shadow House Concerts)
July 29th - Thunder Bay, ON (The Apollo)
August 10th - Tay Creek, NB (Tay Creek Festival) 
August 11th - Woodstock, NB (Door Yard Arts Festival) 
August 24th - Grand Manan, NB (Summers End Folk Festival) 
August 25th - Grand Manan, NB (Summers End Folk Festival) 
August 26th - Grand Manan, NB (Summers End Folk Festival) 
September 1st - Liverpool, NS (Lanes Privateering inn) 
September 2nd - Halifax, NS (House Concert) 
September 4th - Cornerbrook, NL (The White Horse)
September 5th - St John's, NFLD (The Ship) 
September 6th - St John's NFLD (Prescott House) 
September 7th - Fogo Island, NFLD (Parish Hall) 
September 8th - Stephenville, NFLD (Clancy's)
September 10th - Charlottetown, PEI (House Concert
September 13th - Moncton, NB (Parkindale Hall) 
September 14th - Woodstock, NB (House Concert) 
September 15th - Montreal, QC (Burritoville)
September 16th - Toronto, ON (Holy Oak) 
September 17th - Hamilton, ON (House Concert) 
September 18th - Guelph, ON (Community House Concert) 
September 21st - Peterborough, ON (House Concert)
September 22nd - Sudbury, ON (Fromagerie Elgin) 
September 23rd - Wawa, ON (Rock Island Lodge)
September 24th - Thunder Bay, ON (The Apollo) 
September 25th - Winnipeg, MB (Aqua Books) 
September 27th - Saskatoon, SK (Village Guitar) 
September 28th - Regina, SK (WCMAs)
September 29th - Regina, SK (WCMAs)
October 19th - Prince Albert, SK (OSAC) 
October 20th - Prince Albert, SK (OSAC)
October 21st - Prince Albert, SK (OSAC) 
October 25th -  Regina, SK (The Exchange)
October 26th - Lethbridge, AB (U of L The Barn)
October 27th - Bragg Creek, AB (Community Centre)
October 28th - Whitecourt, AB (Eagle River Casino) 
December 6th - Bruno, SK (Bruno Arts Bank) 
December 7th - Edmonton, AB (The Elevation Room) 
December 9th - Calgary, AB (Wine Ohs)
December 10th - Rosebud, AB (Rosebud Folk Club) 
December 11th - Regina, SK (Creative City Centre) 
December 12th - Winnipeg, MB (Folk Exchange) 
December 14th - Estevan, SK (EAGM) 
December 15th - Rockglen, SK (House show) 


January 9th - Saskatoon, SK (The Mendel Art Gallery) 
January 18th - Saskatoon (VANGELI'S)
January 27th - Winnipeg, MB (The Rose and Bee) 
January 29th - Thunder Bay, ON (The Apollo) 
January 31st - Ottawa, ON (Raw Sugar) 
February 1st - Kemptville, ON (The Branch) 
February 4th - Orangeville, ON (Aardvark) 
February 5th - Toronto, ON (Holy Oak) 
February 6th - Guelph, ON (The Cornerstone) 
February 7th - Waterloo, ON (Maxwell's Music House) 
February 8th - Thornbury, ON (Bruce Wine Bar) 
February 9th - Thornbury, ON (House Concert) 
February 11th - Peterborough, ON (The Spill) 
February 12th - Oakville, ON (House Concert) 
February 13th - London, ON (APK Live) 
February 14th - Sarnia, ON (House Concert) 
February 15th - Windsor, ON (The Phog Lounge) 
February 16th - St Catharines, ON (Mahtay Cafe) 
February 17th - Toronto, ON (House Concert) 
February 18th - Toronto, ON (Elvis Mondays) 
February 22nd - Toronto, ON (Folk Alliance) 
February 24th - Thunder Bay, ON (The Apollo) 
February 27th - Regina, SK (The Club)
March 1st - Saskatoon, SK (The Basement) 
March 23rd - Saskatoon, SK (U of S Grad Lounge) 
April 25th - Yorkton, SK (Fifth Avenue Cup and Saucer) 
May 2nd - Guelph, ON (Ebar)
May 3rd - London, ON (Talbot Street Church) 
May 5th - Waterloo, ON (Maxwells Music House)
May 6th - Hamilton, ON (House Concert) 
May 7th - Peterborough, ON (The Spill)
May 9th - Ottawa, ON (Raw Sugar)
May 10th - Montreal, QC (Mile End Guitars)
May 11th - Kemptville, ON (The Branch) 
May 12th - Toronto, ON (The Cameron House - Backroom) 
May 15th - Thunder Bay, ON (The Apollo)
May 16th - Steinbach, MB (House Concert)
May 18th - Saskatoon, SK (Amigos) 
May 22nd - Saskatoon, SK (Vangelli's) 
May 23rd - Regina, SK (Cathedral Village Arts Festival) 
May 25th - Calgary, AB (The Ironwood) 
May 26th - Vancouver, BC (China Cloud) 
June 1st - Meadow Lake, SK (House Concert) 
July 4th - Saskatoon, SK (Lydias) 
July 26th - Bengough, SK (Gateway Music Festival) 
July 27th -  Bengough, SK (Gateway Music Festival) 
September 13th - Saskatoon, SK (The Bassment) 
September 15th - Bruno, SK (Bruno Arts Bank) 
September 18th - Calgary, AB (Cliff House)  
September 19th - Edmonton, AB (The Artery)  
September 20th - Jasper, AB (The Jasper Legion) 
September 21st - Mission, BC (House Concert)  
September 22nd - Vancouver, BC (China Cloud)  
September 23rd - Duncan, BC (Duncan Garage showroom) 
September 24th - Port Alberni, BC (Char's Landing)
September 25th - Tofino, BC (Tofino Community Theatre)
September 26th - Victoria, BC (The Copper Owl)
September 27th - Kelowna, BC (Fernando's)
September 28th - Fernie, BC (Clawhammer Press)
September 29th - Twin Butte, AB (The General Store) 
September 30th - Lethbridge, AB (The Owl)
October 1st - Taber, AB (House Concert) 
October 3rd - Regina, SK (The Club) 
October 4th - Rock Glen, SK (House Concert)
October 5th - Estevan, SK (EAGM)
October 6th - Onanole, MB (House Concert) 
October 7th -  Wabigoon, ON (Green Archers of Wabigoon) 
October 8th - Thunder Bay, ON (The Apollo) 
October 9th - Rossport, ON (Serindipity Gardens)
October 10th - St Joseph's Island, ON (House Concert) 
October 11th - Orillia, ON (Brownstone Cafe)
October 12th - Guelph, ON (Thanksgiving Show) 
October 13th - Guelph, ON (Thanksgiving)
October 14th - Sarnia, ON (House Concert) 
October 15th - London, ON (APK) 
October 16th - Hamilton, ON (Homegrown Hamilton) 
October 17th - Toronto, ON (The Cameron House Backroom)
October 18th - Kingston, ON (The Grad Club)
October 19th - Peterborough, ON (The Spill) 
October 20th - Ottawa, ON (Raw Sugar)
October 22nd - Montreal, QC (Cagibi) 
October 24th - Woodstock, NB (House Concert)
October 25th - St Andrews, NB (The Red Herring) 
October 26th - Belle River, PEI (Old Belle River Church)
October 27th - Charlottetown, PEI (Baba's)
October 28th - Broad Cove, NS (Broad Cove Hall) 
October 30th - Halifax, NS (Company House) 
November 1st - Lewisporte, NFLD (Citadel House) 
November 2nd - Spaniard Bay, NFLD (House Concert) 
November 3rd - St John's NFLD (House Concert) 
November 5th - St John's, NFLD (The Levee)  
November 6th - St John's, NFLD (Folk Night)
November 7th - Fogo Island, NFLD (Tilting Parish Hall)
November 8th - Springdale, NFLD (Auditorium) 
November 10th - Cornerbrook, NFLD (The White Horse)
November 11th - Stephenville, NL (Clancy's)
November 15th - Sackville, NB (Thunder and Lightning) 
November 16th - Parkindale, NB (Parkindale Hall) 
November 17th - Fredericton, NB (House Concert) 
November 19th - Sault Ste Marie, ON (Cafe Natura) 
November 20th - Thunder Bay, ON (The Apollo)
November 21st - Winnipeg, MB (The Folk Exchange)
November 22nd - Regina, SK (The German Club) 
November 23rd - Swift Current, SK (The Lyric Theatre) 


January 21st - Regina, SK (O'Hanlons) 
January 24th - Winnipeg, MB (Big Fun) / Gimli, MB (Ship and Plough) 
January 25th - Saskatoon, SK (Village Guitar) 
January 26th - Hepburn, SK (House Concert) 
January 28th - Edmonton, AB (Wunderbar) 
January 29th - Lethbridge, AB (The Owl)
January 30th - Medicine Hat, AB (Inspire Cafe) 
January 31st - Calgary, AB (The Palomino)
February 1st - Kelowna, BC (The Streaming Cafe)
February 2nd - Vancouver, BC (For the sake of the song)
February 3rd - Tofino, BC (House Concert)
February 4th - Duncan, BC (House Concert) 
February 5th - Victoria, BC (The Copper Owl)
February 6th - Bellingham, WA (The Green Frog Acoustic Tavern)
February 7th - Seattle, WA (House Concert)
February 8th - Cottage Grove, OR (Axe and Fiddle)                       
February 10th - Bend, OR (Volcanic Theatre Pub)
February 13th - Denver, CO (House Concert) 
February 14th – Pueblo, CO (PULP)
February 15th – Colorado Springs, CO (Triple Nickel Tavern)
February 18th – Kansas City, MO (Czar Bar) 
February 20th - Kansas City, MO (Folk Alliance) 
February 21st - Kansas City, MO (Folk Alliance)
February 22nd - Kansas City, MO (Folk Alliance) 
February 24th – Rock Island, IL (Daytrotter) 
February 27th – Madison, WI (High Noon Saloon) 
February 28th -  Oshkosh, WI (New Moon Cafe) 
March 1st – Minneapolis, MN (Aster Cafe) 
March 2nd – Madison, SD (Dakota State University) 
March 21st - Saskatoon, SK (House Concert) 
March 22nd - Lloydminster, AB (The Root) 
March 28th - Delisle, SK (House Concert) 
March 29th - Lemberg, SK (The Jam Space) 
March 31st - Thunder Bay, ON (The Apollo)
April 1st - Sault Ste Marie, ON (Cafe Natura) 
April 2nd - Sarnia, ON (The Squeaky Hinge) 
April 3rd - London, ON (London Music Club) 
April 4th - Hamilton, ON (Homegrown Hamilton) 
April 5th - Orillia, ON (The Brownstone) 
April 6th - Toronto, ON (Holy Oak) 
April 7th - Guelph, ON (House Concert) 
April 8th - Peterborough, ON (The Spill)
April 9th - Kingston, ON (House Concert)
April 10th - Ottawa, ON (Raw Sugar)  
April 11th - Montreal, QC (Cagibi) 
April 12th - Kemptville, ON (The Branch)
April 16th - Helsinki, Finland (Tavastia)
April 17th - Turku, Finland (Bar Kuka)
April 18th - Loimaa, Finland (Bar Edgar)
April 19th - Parainen, Finland (Piug) 
April 19th - Turku, Finland (8raita)
April 20th - Vaasa, Finland (O'Malleys) 
April 30th - Toronto, ON (Cameron House) 
May 3rd - Wabigoon, ON (Papy's Cafe) 
May 4th - Winnipeg, MB (The Park Theatre) 
May 5th - Regina, SK (Day Off) 
May 6th - Regina, SK (O'Hanlons) 
May 18th - Edmonton, AB (Artery) 
May 19th - Saskatoon, SK (Village Guitar) 
June 13th - Saskatoon, SK (Moso Fest) 
June 14th - Saskatoon, SK (Station 20) 
June 15th - Saskatoon, SK (Vangelli's) 
July 3rd - Orillia, ON (Mariposa FolkFestival) 
July 4th - Orillia, ON (Mariposa FolkFestival) 
July 5th - Orillia, ON (Mariposa FolkFestival)