see you in october

Toronto to Saint Andrews, Fredericton, Sackville, Halifax and back.  A short but deceivingly long tour to do in just a few days - just you and a poor CBC signal, trying to keep track of the hours you’ve spent on the road.  I know a thing or two about being out on the road - although, I don’t know it like I use to. I use to thrive on the road - its where I was at my best and these days I long for my home life - my people - there was a time and place where the things at home never crossed my mind.  Now that time is just a memory.  

I feel like everything is coming full circle these days - somethings are beginning to feel new again - even though there are others that I know never will.  A lot has happened in the past few years, and it’s all coming to a head these days - like two forks in a river merging into one unstoppable torrent.  It has had me thinking about the past - where I have been and the streets of the town where I came from.  Saskatoon. 

Somehow it has been three years since I released The Ballad Of Losing You, and although I keep singing those songs - they’re feeling sung.  There are songs that are meant to live forever and songs that serve a purpose and many of those songs were there to get me through a time and a place.  They managed to bring me to where I am today, somehow - they needed to exist.  I think those songs are tired though.  We all need rest.  

I spent the last year or so - sitting with all that has changed - all that has come and gone - and all that has brought me to where I am today.  I wrote nine songs about the people and places that I met along the way - and the things that I felt.  These songs will likely need rest someday too - but for right now, they feel new and free - like being on the road makes a young man feel.  They're wanting to be sung and to be heard - and are longing for the road like I do after two or three months at home.

In October 2016, these songs will be released on CD and Long Play Records via Wroxton Recordings and I can’t wait for you to hear them.  They sound different then the last record - but still very much apart of me. I don’t know where these songs will take me, but I hope its to a good place.  I hope they’re songs that take you to good places too.   

Three years is too long to wait to put out a new record, but it’s also just long enough. 

See you in October,