Sixteen shows in eighteen days

Sixteen shows in eighteen days - nearly 10,000 KMs of Canadian soil covered - it has been a while since I’ve toured that hard and heavy - and even still, I don’t know if I’ve ever played sixteen shows in a row. 

It was a long run - but good in so many ways.  I’ve gotten pretty comfortable being a homebody, and a tour like this is exactly what I needed.  To remember how it use to feel - to be on the road for months at a time - to wake up unsure of where you are - to be out there, on the road.  We started the tour with a pretty heavy drive from Toronto straight out to Manitoba - we drove hard and fast with few stops, except to gas up the van.  We picked up our drummer Will in Winnipeg, he opted to skip the first couple days of driving, which was probably a smart call on his part.  And just like that, we were off.  Onanole to Saskatoon with a quick stop at the Lucky homestead close to the Saskatchewan-Manitoba line, and on to Edmonton we went. 

Five provinces in two weeks - that had us driving over five or six hours a day and playing shows nearly every single night. Like any tour, there were good shows - bad shows - and bad shows that turned out to be great! If I’ve learned anything in the past few years of living on the road - its to go into these situations with an open mind and to hope for the best.  I’m not exactly an optimist, in fact I’m about as far from - but one has to try.  

Its the first time that I’ve ever really toured with a band - so in a way, I was completely out of my element.  Life is pretty easy on the road when all you have to do is account for yourself.  The shows felt good though, with the full band behind these songs - every member of the band - Will Fish on Drums, Dan Edmonds on Keys, Mitch Thomson on Bass and Kevin Neal on Pedal Steel - all brought their A game to these shows and gave the songs exactly what they needed.  I couldn’t have been more happy with how things went.  It was likely the most fun I’ve had out on the road - not the easiest tour - but in a way, the most successful run of shows I’ve ever had.  

By the end of the tour I was really beginning to feel it - all that road running and late nights and early mornings and one too many greasy diner breakfasts - we were playing in Kenora, ON - a show that I did not expect much from to be honest - we were the follow up to what appeared to be a fairly active trivia night - a hard act to follow. 

Half of the crowd stuck around for part of Dan’s opening set, and then made their way into the damp Kenora night - while the rest thankfully stuck around.  It was one of those nights where there could have been no one there and it would have felt just as good to be playing these songs with four good friends of mine - we were doing what we love.  After the show, a rather proper looking gentlemen (who a local later referred to as “The Lawyer”) came up to me and said “Well, I don’t think we’ll be seeing you play here again” - which is an odd thing to hear someone say to you - it leaves you wondering where that thought came from or why they felt the need to say it - he then followed it up by saying he knew that we’d be playing way bigger venues soon enough.  Wow.  I was completely flattered - and thankful that these songs could connect with that person - or with anyone for that matter.  Thats the reason I started doing this in the first place - for that connection with people.  Kenora went from being a “I wish we weren’t here” show to a “when can we play here again” kind of show.  

A lot of this tour was like that - it was full of new sights and sounds - and surprises around every single corner.  It made me miss the road - it made me thankful for my home - most of all it made me thankful that I get to do this for a living.  I owe all the thanks to you folks out there who made the effort to come to our shows - we had a lot of fun playing each night - but it wouldn’t have been half as fun without having you folks there with us.  

No fear - the tour isn’t over yet - if you live around central Canada - Ontario and Quebec, we’re going to be playing a whole handful of dates starting this weekend in Wakefield, QC at the Blacksheep Inn - then onto Picton, ON and so on.  For a full list of tour dates, simply glance to your left, or head over to  If you haven’t picked up your copy of my new record “Everywhere A Man Can Be” you can also do that over at or by listening on any streaming platform.  

Thanks for listening folks - and for being apart of this journey.  
To quote the great American band The eagles - Take it easy,