winter update

I often find myself here as of late, burning the midnight oil - watching a slide show in my mind - all of the place I’ve been, and the people whom I’ve met over the past seven or eight years doing this sing song thing that I do.  I’m haunted by highways - and all the faces I’ve seen.  I look at the past number of years and try to figure out how we’ve come from where we were when this all started - to where we are now, not that we’re anywhere of significance, but we’re definitely not where we started, you and I. 

Its taken a while for the winter to settle in here, out in Toronto.  It seemed to creep gently, but has slowly begun to flex its muscles.  Although its nothing like it is back home in Saskatchewan, it does make me long for strong spirits and a hot drink.  2015 was a good year to me, with more memories then my mind can hold, a lifetimes worth.  I got to go a lot with these little songs I write and got to sing them on some pretty huge stages in cities and countries I never thought I’d get the chance to. I’m a pretty thankful man these days.   If 2016 is half as good as this past year, I can only imagine what might happen.  

For the past two weeks I’ve been hunkered down in a little studio in Toronto, ON, with some good friends - new and old - putting pen to paper so to speak, working on a new record of songs that I’ve written over the past three years.  We’ve taken these little vignettes that I’ve scribbled on paper and turned them into so much more then I ever thought that could be.  Its been fun to see how people’s finger prints mark your art - in the best possible way.  Recording has always been this very personal experience for me, but this has to be the most intrusive record I’ve ever made.  We’ve really taken these songs and torn them apart to get a good look at them, then slowly - we’ve put them back together - piece by piece. Its been testing at times, but also the most rewarding recording experience I’ve ever had. I’m not too sure when these songs will see the light of day, but I hope sooner then later.  One can only hope.  

Although I don’t seem to be getting out on the road as much as I use to - I’m excited to announce that I’ll be doing some dates throughout the U.S. and Canada this winter and spring.  Starting in February we’ll be playing a handful of shows all around the Eastern and Midwestern United States - in some cities we’ve played before, and others in the East that are very new to us.  I’m not too sure what to expect with these big cities like Boston and New York, but as Levon said “you go to New York, and get your ass kicked, then you go home - let it heal up and go back and do it again”.  I’m sure it’ll be something along those lines! 

Come March I’ll be heading back to the Midwest of Canada to play a whole handful of shows around Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. It will have been the better part of a year by that point - so it’ll be a real treat to be back on some familiar roads, in cities that I know all too well.  Hopefully we’ll get to see some of your familiar faces too.  

I think its shaping up to be a good winter and spring thaw folks - and I can only hope that things are looking that way for you folks as well.  I sure hope that I’ll get to see some of you folks out there along the way this winter and spring.  

Keep warm wherever you’re spending your winter, and keep in touch.