November 21st 2014

The date was November 21st 2014.  By this point on our “potentially gruelling tour” we had been on the road for seventy two days.  I think we’d probably played about fifty or fifty five shows too.  We had been from Minnesota down to Nashville and straight across to New Mexico for one show and a night spent in Raton, NM simply because I liked the Townes song “Snowin’ on raton”.  From New Mexico, we made our way north through Colorado and back to Canada - before we headed to England for a couple of weeks.  Suffice to say, we had been a lot of places.  I don’t think I’d say that we were worn out, but I think we were definitely worn - maybe a bit road weary.  We had been through some ups and downs - but we were still all on good terms.  We’d been playing shows almost every night and by this point in the tour we knew our set inside and out - and most nights those notes and chords rolled off the end of our fingers with ease - other nights things were more laboured. 
On this particular day we were driving from Alberta straight out to Kelowna, BC for a show at the streaming cafe - I can’t remember if we were looking forward to getting to the coast or looking forward to getting home - either way, we still had too many shows left to even think about it.  I remember that drive feeling longer then normal.  We hit a lot of traffic too.  There was an accident on the highway, a semi flipped on its side. We sat and waited, with who knows how many other people - hundreds probably - sitting there, waiting.  Minutes turned into hours - and it got to the point where we almost thought we were not going to make it to the show at all.  We rolled into Kelowna about an hour late, but we went down to the venue anyways, and had a full house of people anxiously waiting.  We played a quick set.  Everything a little more rushed then normal - but we got through one more night - one more show - one day closer to home. 
After the show we got the chance to hang out at a really wonderful studio just outside of Kelowna.  One of those recording studios that is run by people who want to make music like people use to - with reels of tape and beautiful old recording consoles.  We set up our instruments and threw up a couple of microphones and set to playing a couple of the songs we had been singing on this tour.  I can remember sitting there in the same room with Chris and Ian, playing those songs, and hearing the sound of their guitars coming back through the headphones.  I could feel every single show that we had played - and ever single mile we’d driven.  It was one of those moments that goes too quickly - but also feels like a lifetime. Before I knew it we were packing up - it was 4 am and we had recorded and mixed two songs and sleep never felt as good as it did that night.
When I heard the songs a few days later, I couldn’t help but start thinking about releasing these songs somehow - they were a moment in time, captured on tape - that session captured exactly where we were at as a band by that point on the road - the exact way we sounded on stage for all 70 shows that we played.  When we heard that we were going to get the chance to sit down and record these songs that night, I don’t think we set out with anything in mind - no plans to release it and no idea what we might do with the songs, but I really feel like these are some ofmost organic and natural recordings that I’ve ever been apart of - and I’m super excited to share it with you all.  Hopefully you’re as excited to hear these songs as I am to share them with you folks. 
Because these songs were crafted in such an organic and natural setting I wanted to simply release them on vinyl - with a limited printing of 300 units - no iTunes or streaming.  I wanted these songs to remain tangible - I wanted them to be something you could hold in your hands. There is something about knowing only 300 of you folks will have this special time capsule. Hopefully you folks like the songs - and thanks for keepin’ along on this long road I’m walking down.