long past due; thunder bay to winnipeg

Its a mighty weird feeling to drive across the country - to go from one place to another, and to be in all of these towns and cities that you haven’t been in for a long time.  With all of the miles and time that I’ve spent on the road, every little town and all the space between, holds a lot of memories for me.  

I just pulled into Winnipeg Manitoba.  This was one of the first cities I ever played in that wasn’t in Saskatchewan, so coming here always conjures up memories of when I was younger, the people I knew back then, and the shows we played just for the heck of it - just because we loved it - and just because we wanted to be on the road.  

This is day number five on the road for me, and after largely being stagnant for the past few months, I can sure feel it.  Although I’ve been doing this for quite sometime, and have learnt how to survive on the road - one can lose that all when they sit still for too long - like the classic saying, “if you rest you rust.” So one could say, I’ve been shaking off the dust the past few days, and it feels good.  

Although I’ve been on the road for five days, I’ve only played three shows so far - Sault Ste Marie, and two nights in Thunder Bay.  Its been fun, especially being in Thunder Bay for two nights in a row.  A lot of folks who don’t live in Thunder Bay (and even those who do) often complain about that city, but I have to say that I feel quite the opposite.  I like that town a lot.  There is a certain grit, character, and history to that place.  I feel like the streets and corners of that town have a lot of stories to tell - as do the tree lined shores of Lake Superior.  Its a magical and overlooked part of Canada, and I always love crossing across that stretch of highway and basking in the wilderness that lies upon those shores.  

It has been a good few months for me.  A lot of changes have come about in my life - and I have to say that I don’t think I’ve felt this well for a long time.  Seven weeks ago, my partner and I got to welcome our first child into the world, a little girl! Its been the most amazing couple months for us, from seeing her come into this world, and change so much so quickly.  I reckon she’ll probably keep changing just as much every week, for a long - long time.  We’ve been all learning a lot from one another these days - getting sleep when we can - and enjoying every second between.  She’s the sweetest little human that I’ve ever met, and I can’t wait to see who she becomes! Life has been so good - I’m a lucky man to be where I am.   

Life doesn’t seem like it’ll be slowing down any time soon though.  We’re going to be hitting the road a ton over the summer and into the fall.  I’m going to be performing at a whole handful of festivals this summer - some in Canada, and five in the UK including Wilderness, Latitude, Wickerman, Somersault, and Camp Bestival! Once we get back from the UK we’re going to take a few moments to rest up before we hop in the bus and hit the road for a string of 40 tour dates across the US and Canada during September and October.  We’re going to be making stops all across the Northern US and all across Canada in support of a new 7’ vinyl that I’ll be putting out on September 1st entitled “Zachary Lucky sings Dublin Blues and Copper Kettle” which features two covers - one song that is written by Guy Clark, and the other by Albert Frank Bedoe - but best known via Bob Dylan. I recorded these tunes with a couple of my favourite musicians I’ve had play with me - Ian Cameron on Pedal Steel and Chris Sleightholm on electric guitars.  We got the chance to hop into the studio last fall while we were on tour, late one night after our show in Kelowna, to track these two songs - and they turned out so good that I decided to put them out on vinyl for you folks! Hopefully you’ll like them as much as I do.  Pre orders for this album will be available starting in July - and the album officially comes out September first - so stay tuned for more details.  

Until then - I hope that you folks keep well, enjoy your summer - be sure to get outside a bunch and find your summer skin.  Go jump in a lake or river, sleep under the stars or go fishing.  Its good for your soul folks.  Thats what we’re going to be doing as much as we can, so I hope you can too.  

Keep well friends - stay in touch and don’t be a stranger,