cold kitchens in ontario.

dear friends,

I hope that this note is finding you all well and warm wherever you are! I'm keeping well - although I have to admit that the last tour we did in 2014 definitely took a lot out of me.  I've been recovering in the big ol' smoke that is toronto - spending my days in cold kitchens and walking around streets I don't know that well. my mornings are often slow these days, and my nights early.  I've been listening to a lot of fred eaglesmith and john fahey; reading bukowski and a book that I bought last year called 'consolations of the forest'.  

after spending over an entire year on the road, constantly moving and playing shows, or booking more shows to play - its been a challenge learning how to sit still and how to be ok with being in one place for more then a day at a time.  but I'm learning that lesson, one day at a time.  

no fear - 2015 is looking to be an interesting year.  some years are for big changes, and others for smaller - slow moving changes.  I reckon thats what this year is all about. I'm going to be spending a handful of time around ontario working on the next album which will hopefully see the light of day sometime in 2016. and we're also going to be releasing two songs that we recorded back in november - sometime in the summer sort fall of this year.  
I'm currently getting ready to play a handful of tour dates around ontario and eastern canada - including stops at three festivals; Shivering Songs Music Festival in Fredericton, Stereophonic Music Festival in Sackville, and the In The Dead Of Winter Music Festival in Halifax. if you live around those parts, then I'm hoping we'll cross paths this week or next! for more details on the tour dates head over to 

until then, hope that you folks are keeping warm and that you're with the people enjoy - that you're doing good and keeping well. 

from chilly toronto,