there comes a certain point on tour, when you've been on the road for a week or two, and you get over the initial sting of being on tour - you get use to not having your own bed or kitchen and remember that you can survive out here. your body adjusts. your mind remembers not to think too hard about what is going on around you - that you've driven through four states in the past four hours and that you'll be in other three in the next few days. days turn into nights and nights into mornings. from bar rooms in cities you never thought you'd ever visit to the floors of people you've never met before. one day at a time. 

I have to say, I think that this is the tour that I've been hoping to be apart of for quite some time now. so many parts of it, just the sheer number shows were getting to do, in the US and the UK is unreal. it's hard to process as one complete thought really. it's also such a treat to be on the the road with a couple of the most talented and humble guys I know. it's always nice to be traveling with like minded people. it keeps you anchored in a way. reminds you of where you came from, and often keeps you level and thinking straight when things go sideways. 

so far this tour is been a total mixed bag of shows. some shows that I've been waiting my whole life to play and some I might like to forget. both equally as important. from Regina to Minneapolis to St. Cloud and Madison, Chicago and Bloomington. Going to Nashville and performing a couple times at the Americana music festival was a huge thing for each of us - we all had our own reasons for why it was so special - but I think it's safe to say that playing in Nashville for the first time was a huge thing for us, no matter how you cut it. we went to Nashville, played two good shows, drank too many cheap beers at Roberts, and saw the relics of our heros at the country music hall of fame. Nashville was magical and I can't wait to go back and do it all over again. there is definitely something about that town. there's an energy to it. like all of the ghost of those timeless country stars are walking beside you as you walk the streets. 

each night has been special in its own way. each town has a story to tell and things to learn. we've already met our fair share of great folks down here, which makes me only more excited for the next week and a half. I feel alive and free down here right now. it feels good. wish you folks all get to feel this same feeling at some point. I hope we get to see you all at some point in the next couple months. thanks for reading and supporting us on this road. we couldn't do this without you folks.

keep well. soak up the fall.
Zachary, Ian and Chris.