April 7th 2014

Dear friends.  

I'm currently waking slow here in Toronto.  The sky is overcast and so is my mind - in a good way - a reminder of a great night before.  Its crazy to think just how fast this tour has been going - I think there are only five Canadian dates left and then I'll be hopping on the plane and flying to Finland.  Time flies when you don't stop to look at all the small details.  Its been another amazing journey so far though! 

I'm fortunate enough to have my good friend Clayton Linthicum (who you might know from Kacy and Clayton and the Deep Dark Woods) out and about with me, picking the guitar - and Tyler Belluz playing the big bass fiddle for all of the Ontario shows.  Its such a treat to have such nice folks out on the road with you.  I definitely love the freedom of touring alone - but having folks like these gents definitely makes the hard times a little easier and the good times all the better.  Not to mention they're both amazing players in their own right - Its been fun playing these songs with Tyler and Clayton and sort of taking a different approach and looking at them from a different angle.  Its pretty easy to keep playing songs a certain way for a while - and its always refreshing to bring other musicians into the mix.  

The first couple of days out on the road were great - small town Saskatchewan shows are always fun and always have a certain vibe about them that I love.  I love the small town folks, the conversations and the main street shops.  Those towns feel like home to me - getting the chance to hang out with such kind people in those communities is always a treat.  
After the couple of Saskatchewan shows we hit the number one highway, fast and hard, and made a quick stop in Winnipeg for some post Juno celebrations.  Got to see some good friends play some amazing music that night - Daniel Romano and the Trilliums played an electric set for a small handful of people who were fortunate enough to know about the show - I think its safe to say that it was one of my favourite shows I've been to in some time! 

Winnipeg to Thunder Bay to Sault Ste Marie was definitely a bit of a trip.  For those of you who don't know - thats a fairly lengthy drive to begin with, one that most touring folks will avoid if at all possible.  I love playing up north there, in Ontario.  I feel like those folks deserve to hear music as much as everyone else - so I make an effort to make it up there as much as possible.  This time around the travel part of the trip was less then fun - the morning we left Winnipeg - they started to broadcast on the news that there was going to be a huge storm, that would span from Winnipeg to Sault Ste Marie.  And almost the second we hit Ontario, we hit the storm.  And drove through it for two very very long days.  We had some scary moments, but took our time, and were persistent.  I'm glad we made it to both of those shows alive, because for a minute there I wasn't sure if that would be the case.  
All the Ontario shows thus far have been really great, and neat in their own ways.  Sarnia was definitely an intimate and cool night - so was Toronto last night. 

We have about five shows left in Canada, then onto Finland for me.  I don't know what to expect for how things will go over there - but I expect them to go pretty well! I'm real excited to get my feet on some new ground and to meet some new people, sing some songs in places I've never been before.  It'll be a trip, thats for sure.  

Thanks to everyone thats made it out to a show in the past couple weeks.  And hopefully we'll see some familiar faces down the road here! Thanks for following along on this crazy journey folks.  

Keep well friends. 
Happy trails,