February 14th


been on the road for some twenty one days now, although it feels like its been twice that - or at least my body and mind would have me think that.  its been a great tour so far though - the western canadian shows with alanna gurr were some of my favourite to date. gimli to saskatoon we thought we might die - but we made it, and both shows were super special. saskatoon to edmonton, we thought we might not make it because my car was still in the garage at 3:00 PM, but we made it.  we had some beautiful moments on that tour - moments that reminded me why I play shows.  touring in the winter is always a weird thing, constantly worrying about weather or whether or not your car is going to start the next day, and when you're driving to the next town and your car starts making a funny sound you really start to worry.  so I'm thankful for those small moments we find out here, the people, the songs, that remind us why we're doing what we do. I love this life.   

I've been more then an adventure being down south in the states - dodging snow storms and meeting new folks.  everywhere I look there is something new for my eyes to see - a new city, a new face, a new landscape.  its refreshing.  its caused me to write a bit, which is one of the best feelings - when you can put the pen to page.  so far in the states I've play a handful of shows on the west coast and then had to drive east through oregon, idaho, and wyoming to meet up with john statz who I'm playing the rest of the tour with - and I have to say, that drive was something else.  close to 2000km of pretty much nothing.  I thought canada was desolate, at least we have a tim hortons every 45 minutes.  it was a long drive, listened to every single podcast I had, listened to npr when I could find it on the dial - it was refreshing to stumble upon npr and hear jian gomeshi's voice come across the airwaves as I was rambling my way across wyoming.  what I'm trying to say is that I'm loving it down here. its been a while since I've been plucked from my comfort zone, and it feels good - to not know the details of every city we're going to - to not know the people putting on the shows every night - its nice to be somewhere new, somewhere uncomfortable, if that makes sense? 

I'm really looking forward to the rest of the shows with john, he played a great set last night and is one of the nicest guys to boot.  we're currently in the middle of doing a small handful of colorado shows this weekend and then we'll head east out to kansas city to be apart of folk alliance, which is this giant folk conference where people walk around with banjos and fiddles non stop for days.  should be fun - tiring - but fun.  after that we'll continue doing a small handful of shows in the midwest.  can't wait to come share songs with those of you that I haven't met yet.  and can't wait to head east in canada in the spring to see some familiar faces.  

from one town to another, be well friends.