words from the road part ii

rolling east on the I84 in Oregon.  not too sure where I’m coming from or where I’m going to.  from one dirty hotel room to another - every thing looks the same, yet different.  every bar room resembles the next.  you have the same conversations over dark liquor about how icy the roads are or how unseasonably cold it is in the pacific northwest.  I love how mundane yet exciting it can be to be on the road.  you get into this routine - especially when you’re touring with two other people - where by the end of the tour you can also finish each other’s sentences.  you never quite realize how attached you’ve grown until the last day comes round.  I’m not going to think about that yet though. five more shows to go, and good 2000 or so kilometres till we’ll be rolling into Saskatoon.
I have to say that I’ve been really enjoying the past few weeks.  from the prairies through Alberta and British Columbia and down into Washington and Oregon.  every night has been its own thing.  different towns and different folks.  we were talking last night - I think we’ve spent almost a month and a half in the united states on this tour.  everyday everything is new to our eyes. 
I see trees, and a train running fast and hard.  I hear John Fahey’s guitar in my ear and smell the smoke from Ian’s cigarette drifting in to the backseat.  its all moving a little too fast right now.  thats how it goes every time we leave, every time that we head out on the road.  at the start it feels as though it’ll never end.  minutes feel like hours and the end seems years away.  the closer you get to the end though, the faster it approaches.  minutes feel like seconds, and the yellow lines pass more quickly then before.  your set of songs feels like mere minutes and you’re holding onto every chords, trying to squeeze the most of every note - because you know you’ll never be back in this bar - in portland - with these two people by your side - and basically no one listening.  it’ll never be the way it is now, ever again.  that feeling of nostalgia sits in, and you’re still days away from home.  
every day I'm out here, I'm more and more thankful for the path I've been walking.  excited about where I'm going.  

keep well and warm,