words from the road...

fifty six days on the road and thirty three days left to go. we've been everywhere from Regina Saskatchewan all the way down to Nashville Tennessee - over to Raton New Mexico and across to England and Scotland. we've seen more then most eyes get to see in a lifetime and felt just as many emotions. some good days and some bad. some shows where the words fall off your lips free and easy and others where the songs are harder to sing then they should be. you have these moments out here on the road where you want nothing more then to just keep on the path that you're on - to keep pushing forward - when things are going great. then you have these days where the world feels like it's coming down on you and don't see a familiar faces anywhere you look - you don't even recognize yourself in the mirror. you have these days where you feel everything and somedays where you feel nothing at all. we've seen it all in the past two months.

It feels all at once refreshing, comforting and sad to be heading west today. feels good to be headed toward some familiar places and people. when you're on a tour like this - you always encounter the moment that is today. where you've been heading east for so long - you've been headed that way since you first imagined doing these shows - you never really consider what you'll feel when you turn around and head the other way or how every passing show brings you closer to the end, closer to whatever comes next.    

I can soundly say that it feels good. to be headed west - headed for what's next. 

I'm thankful for this road that I'm on. for the good days and hard moments. for the people that I'm sharing it with. thanks to everyone who has been apart of this tour thus far. we couldn't have done it without you folks. the rest of you - hopefully we'll see you further down the road. 

keep well and warm friends.