November 25th

Its always a strange feeling - the feeling of waking up in your own bed, multiple mornings in a row after spending nearly three months of sleeping anywhere that you can - anywhere that puts a roof over your head.  In a way its hard to calm the mind down after a tour like the one we just got home from - my mind still thinks there is somewhere to be - It always takes a few days for your sea legs to get use to solid ground.  

It was a pretty interesting and exciting tour none the less - from the prairies to great westerly coast - up to tofino and back to the mainland - across the south to Fernie and Waterton - arriving in the prairies with what you think is a broken car only to find out that there is a slight chance it'll make it the whole trip - getting the chance to play in prairie living rooms before braving the Canadian shield and trudging along the seventeen till you reach southern ontario.  Southern ontario is always an interesting stretch for me, you end up playing so many shows in such a short amount of time - very often with the same group of people - some of the best people out there - and you grow really attached to that feeling - of having people who can relate to what you're going through.  From southern ontario we headed east - kingston, ottawa, montreal, then east - I've always had this strong fascination with the eastern parts of canada - probably because I live about as far away as you can - and its such a different landscape - socially - physically - when you're out east - you're really out there - it would take you days to get home.  I love it immensely though - the people - the landscapes - the toughness of new brunswick to the beautiful south shores of nova scotia - to the rawness of newfoundland - I absolutely love the east - some of the most hospitable people I know live out there.  Some of my favourite places to play are out there.  

This tour didn't come without challenge and or moments of self doubt and moments where one thinks "What the hell am I doing out here".  But when things got rough, we stuck together, found some good folks to pass the time with an things would blow over.  There were a couple moments especially that could have derailed the whole tour, but somehow - we kept going.  Somehow the car kept running - somehow we had enough money in our pockets to fill the tank, etc.  

I still have a hard time remembering things - small details - I have to sit very still and think hard about it - 65 shows in nine and a half weeks - a new town almost every day - and then the trip home - from new brunswick to saskatchewan in five days - it takes a strip off a person - it wears you down till you're thinking backwards and can hardly tell which way is up.  

Although you're going on the road to play shows and to share songs with people and such - a huge part of tour is the people you meet - the ones you expect to meet - the old friends from tours past - and the new friends that you never in your life expected you'd meet.  Its a huge part of what we do.  and I feel so damn fortunate that I've gotten the chance to go the places I've gone and to meet the people I've met.  I don't have much in my life - but I have a lot of memories and a lot of people who've become my good friends - in every corner of this great country.  I'm thankful for you folks, you're like my family.  

I have to say this now, and I wish I could name every person here, but if I did we'd be here all day - literally.  What we do could not happen if it were not from great people everywhere around this country - so I want to say Thank You (you all know who you are) to everyone who helped us out along the way with a show, gave us a place to sleep, fed us, came to the shows or bought a record.  We could not have done this without you.  You are the life blood of the touring musician and we're so damn thankful for you folks its nearly impossible to express.  One more tour down - and many more left to go.  Now its time to write some new songs and to rest up.  I'm back on the road in January.  Excited to head out west again, and to start touring some new places that I've never been before.  I think 2014 is going to be a good one folks.  Take care friends, and see you soon.